ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

Drone Photography 

- Los Angeles

Once in a while HoverCameras gets the honor of working on a project that helps future generations directly. This commercial for ABC Mouse's online academy is one of those projects that makes you feel warm inside like you've helped out your fellow man. Unfortunately due to copyright issues with the periodic table of elements, which was in half of our shots, we only have one shot in this final ad. Even still, this one shot was totally worth it!! Check it out below!

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White Sands Fashion Shoot

Working out in New Mexico in one of the most amazing Parks we've ever seen, White Sands National Park will definitely be making it into our next reel. Picture this scene; beautiful rolling dunes of pure white sand, a white man wearing a black outfit and a black man wearing a white outfit, quirky running/standing/sitting...being different altogether. That's what fashion is all about folks! From aerials to ground shots click below to see our 100% HoverCameras Footage fashion video.

Pasadena City Promotion

HoverCameras has recently increased its potential with the inclusion of our first city commercial for Pasadena, CA. If you didn't know anything about Pasadena before, click the picture below to be taken on a journey through one of the best midsize cities in Southern California. This was incredibly fun to be able to shoot around the whole city and while some of our shots may be obvious, you may not be able to guess others. The images above are some of our shots from the film. Enjoy!

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Grand Theft Auto...

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to have "auto aim," as they do in many video games, especially Grand Theft Auto? Well here's a video of how that would play out! Couldn't be happier working with BrandJLa's youtube channel again to create such a fun video. Very entertaining, featuring some amazing talent and over 1.3 Million Views they must have done something right. Click below to watch!

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Real Life Gaming at it's Finest

We worked on our most extensive CGI project with the popular YouTube channel BrandonJLa. If you're familiar with Minecraft, you will love this short film. If not, it is an open-ended video game that lets players build virtual houses and communities out of blocks with a few simple keystrokes. Either way you can still appreciate the incredible CGI and special effects created for this low budget youtube video. It's already up to 820,000 views! Click below to watch the movie!

The Aprons of Hedley and Bennett

We worked with Life & Thyme to make this amazing documentary about  Hedley & Bennett. Hedley & Bennett is  an apron-making business founded by Ellen Bennett, who also narrated the video. Her company makes custom aprons for restaurants across the country. The video explains how her business came to be and how it works. Our shots were edited wonderfully into the video, giving it a whole new depth and feel. You can watch it below. The Life & Thyme article can be found on their website by clicking on the image above.

Black Magic

We've upgraded one of our HoverCameras with latest and greatest from Black Magic Design! We have a fully stabilized Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera platform now and can provide even more epic cinematic aerial footage! Watch a demonstration of the capabilities of this camera below.